Alana M Harvey · GRADE 2 TEACHER · APPLING COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION · Grade 2 Teacher · Appling County Board of Education (2024)

Georgia State Employee Salaries

Grade 2 Teacher


Alana M Harvey is an employee working in APPLING COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION, according to State of Georgia, Georgia Department of Audits and Accounts (DOAA). The position title is GRADE 2 TEACHER.

Employee Information

Employee Name HARVEY, ALANA M
Last Name HARVEY
First Name ALANA M
Position Title GRADE 2 TEACHER
Salary $57,983.80
Travel Reimbursem*nt $0
Fiscal Year 2022

Salary History

Position TitleSalaryTravel Reimbursem*ntFiscal Year
GRADE 2 TEACHER57983.800.002022
GRADE 2 TEACHER51420.360.002021
STUDENT CLERK/AIDE464.000.002016
STUDENT CLERK/AIDE348.000.002015
STUDENT CLERK/AIDE2278.500.002014

Employer Information

APPLING COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION of State of Georgia has 601 employees, accounting for 0.13% of all employees in the State of Georgia. The maximum base salary in year 2022 for the organization is $166,674, and the average salary is $43,082.

Employee Count 601
Employee Percentage 0.13%
Maximum Salary $166,674
Average Salary $43,082

Employees with the same organization

Employee NamePosition TitleOrganizationSalaryFiscal Year
Henry Jones Occupational TherapistAppling County Board of Education$52,493.202022
Lonnie Sanders Vocational DirectorAppling County Board of Education$97,377.522011
Cynthia T Vann Rvi TeacherAppling County Board of Education$68,180.162022
Miranda S Leggett Speech-Language PathologistAppling County Board of Education$57,729.462022
Haley P Black Grade 8 TeacherAppling County Board of Education$66,015.852022
Denise Rentz Personnel/Human Resources DirAppling County Board of Education$102,679.162022
Amber N Anderson Is Personnel - Other SupportAppling County Board of Education$57,042.562022
Jake M Norris Middle School Career, Technical and Agricultural TeacherAppling County Board of Education$54,898.502022
Harry G Skipper In-School Susp TeacherAppling County Board of Education$84,006.422022
Norma A Nunez-Cortes Title I DirectorAppling County Board of Education$115,086.322022
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Position Information

The job position title GRADE 2 TEACHER has 5791 employees in the State of Georgia, accounting for 1.28% of all state employees. The maximum base salary in year 2022 for this position is $119,626, and the average salary is $57,645.

Position Title GRADE 2 TEACHER
Employee Count 5791
Employee Percentage 1.28%
Maximum Salary $119,626
Average Salary $57,645

Employees with the same position

Employee NamePosition TitleOrganizationSalaryFiscal Year
Elizabeth Rebecca Aiken Grade 2 TeacherLamar County Board of Education$64,965.972022
Jamie Millwood Grade 2 TeacherPutnam County Board of Education$65,6262022
Eve E Yarbrough Grade 2 TeacherSchley County Board of Education$74,530.042022
Victoria R Jones Grade 2 TeacherDekalb County Board of Education$63,392.102022
Molly S Rosenak Grade 2 TeacherGilmer County Board of Education$62,713.102022
Angie Roland Grade 2 TeacherMiller County Board of Education$62,591.042022
Bardril M Green Grade 2 TeacherFulton County Board of Education$97,4252022
Kathy A Smith Grade 2 TeacherColquitt County Board of Education$69,391.122022
Jennifer S Bain Grade 2 TeacherMonroe County Board of Education$70,683.192022
Trasheba C Harris Grade 2 TeacherTerrell County Board of Education$64,954.642022
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Similar Employees

Employees with similar names

Employee NamePosition TitleOrganizationSalaryFiscal Year
Alana L Reed Fellow AdGeorgia Institute of Technology$16,025.632014
Alana Vazquez Esol TeacherHouston County Board of Education$76,716.622022
Tiffany Alana Harvey Food Svc Worker 1Juvenile Justice, Department Of$63.042018
Alana M Horne Miscellaneous ActivitiesHouston County Board of Education$5,662.502022
Alana M Davis Instructional SpecialistCobb County School District$91,616.362022
Alana R Montes Economic Support Spec (wl)Family & Children Services, Departments Of$2,639.242012
Alana Gay VocationalCity of Vidalia Board of Education$50,498.822017
Alana J Owens Grade 1 TeacherCobb County School District$49,591.732020
Alana K Stanton Kindergarten TeacherGwinnett County Board of Education$5,338.672021
Alana Ward Animal Care Technical ParaproUniversity of Georgia$19,849.892018

Businesses with similar names

Business NameAddressRegistered Agent NameCorporate File Date
Alana Eve LLC 2541 N Dale Mabry Highway, #101, tampa, FL 33607Zenbusiness Inc.2022-02-11
Alana L.L.C. 1350 N.w. 32nd Ave, Delray Beach, FL 33445Biddle Arlene2005-01-11
Alana Investments Inc C/O Peter Cats, 1175 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10028Swigert,William1967-10-05
Ava and Alana, LLC 877 Executive Center Dr., W., Ste 100, St Petersburg, FL 33702Spoor Law, P.a.2020-02-19
Alana R. Brock LLC 4602 County Rd 673 8699, Bushnell, FL 33513Registered Agents Inc.2019-08-16
My Sub Alana Saldan, LLC 145-3 Southern Bridge Blvd, Jacksonville, FL 32259Saldan Alana A2009-02-09
Alana O'Hanlan, Pa 9097 Saint Andrews Drive, Seminole, FL 33777O'Hanlan Alana2017-03-27
Accessories By Alana LLC 2330 Pershing Street, Apt 2, Hollywood, FL 33020Stanley Shacorra2021-11-16
Alana Rae Art, LLC 10570 Buenos Aires St, Hollywood, FL 33026Shatkin Alana2018-08-27
Steve and Alana 6, LLC 7000 N Federal Hwy #201, Boca Raton, FL 33487Manko Alana2015-07-07

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Dataset Information

This dataset includes over 1 million employees worked in public agencies and local boards of education of State of Georgia. In accordance with the Official Code of Georgia Annotated 50-6-27, the information disclosed include all personnel of every office, institution, board, department and commission in the executive department of the State government, of every State authority, of every university or college in the University System of Georgia, of other reporting entity organizations of the State of Georgia and every local board of education who complied with reporting the aforementioned information. Each employee is disclosed with the name, title or functional area, salary and travel expense, etc.

Alana M Harvey · GRADE 2 TEACHER · APPLING COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION · Grade 2 Teacher · Appling County Board of Education (2024)
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