These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (2024)

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (1)

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These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (2)

By Emma Childs, Julia Marzovilla

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Sweatpants are a cozy staple in every woman's wardrobe. Slipping on a pair is no longer thought of as "sacrificing style for comfort," especially since high-powered celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Rihanna wear sweats on the regular as part of their activewear and off-duty ensembles. Athleisure has hit the mainstream in full force, whether you're wearing your best loungewear set for binge-watching Netflix at home or slipping on a matching sweat set for brunch.

Today, the humble sweatpant comes in endless prints, colors, fabrics (I'll take cashmere, please), and even different leg lengths. You can style sweatpants multiple ways—by pairing them with a denim jacket for spring, for example, or with a crop top while you attempt those TikTok dance challenges. And shoe-wise, they go with everything—wear them with slippers, sandals, sneakers, and more. Ahead, the best sweatpants for women in 2023, whether you're craving a classic gray style or a trendy striped pair.

What to Look For in the Best Sweatpants

  • Comfort

Ramon Martin, Universal Standard's Chief Design Officer, says when shopping for sweatpants, it's simple, really. First and foremost, you want to "think about comfort." After all, the pants are designedto be an easy-to-wear style, either for lounging or exercise, so comfort should be your top priority.

  • Versatility

"I love super comfortable sweatpants that you can wear all day, but they must also be versatile in terms of style, so you don't need to think about changing before you leave the house—you can just layer up and head out," he says. "If a sweatpant is well cut, with a great fit, and made with premium fabric, you can be comfortable wearing them at home and look sharp when you are out and about."

  • Look

And last—but certainly not least!—is that the look of your sweats matters, too. If you prefer more of a sleeker, form-fitting design, opt for free-flowing bottoms that closely resemble traditional trousers and are made of lightweight and breathable materials. Or, if you find yourself gravitating towards an oversized look, try a pair of bulkier sweatpants and do your best to channel a '90s-era Aaliyah.

The Best Sweatpants for Women

We selected the below items as the best sweatpants based off their quality, size-inclusivity, sustainability, and customer reviews.

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (3)The Comfiest Sweatpants

SKIMS Boyfriend Loose Pant

"Turns out Kim Kardashian knows how to make a damn good pair of sweatpants," says Fashion Features Editor Emma Childs. "These best-selling cozy sweats have been all over Instagram, but they also work IRL. And I know that from personal experience: I wore these gray bottoms on a recent flight and was as laidback and cozy as can be—which is no easy feat for me, considering all aspects of traveling give my already anxious brain even more things to stress about. But these cotton-wool blend bottoms soothed my brain and ensured I had a restful flight."

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (4)The Sweatpants to Wear to Work

Everlane The Dream Pant

File this wide-leg style under 'sweatpants that look like real pants.' Made of a soft double-knit cotton fabric, Everlane's The Dream Pant is just as comfy as any other style on this list, but thanks to the silhouette, they're 100 percent office-appropriate. One enthused customer writes, "these are my go-to pants when I want to be comfy at the office—like jammie level comfy—but still look super put together. I also love the thickness of the fabric," they add," [as it] feels like they'll last a long time."

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (5)Best Gray Sweatpants

TravisMathew Cloud Fleece Jogger

"This pair of sweats might just be the softest item I own,"Gabrielle Ulubay, E-Commerce Writerpostures. "These joggers are lined with fleece for optimal comfort and softness that truly feels cloud-like. However, they're also lightweight enough to keep my legs from overheating." The shopping guru adds that these fleece-lined joggers are perfect for a coordinating athleisure style moment: "I anticipate absolutely living in these all winter and have already picked up thematching fleece hoodieto complete my cozy look."

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (6)Best Joggers For Women

Universal Standard Hathaway Jersey Jogger

Universal Standard's Martin says one of his all-time favorites is the Hathaway Jogger. "These I love because of the weight of the fabric. The lighter terry means you'll never overheat in them—so zero excuses ever to take them off!" And with over 150 reviews and an average rating of five out of five stars, they're clearly a universally beloved pair, too. "The Hathaway jogger is simply the best," writes one Universal Standard reviewer. "The length is long enough, the waistband doesn't curl, and the fabric is sleek enough to be out and about in the real world."

The Cutest Women's Sweatpants

Aviator Nation Five Stripe Sweatpants

"Bury me in these sweatpants. (Is this legally binding? I hope so.)," Jenny Hollander, Director of Content Strategy, enthuses. "I invested in a pair of Aviator Nation sweatpants during COVID-19 lockdown after I heard other editors say they were living in theirs, and what do you know—now I live in mine. These soft sweats have a worn-in feel that only gets better as they age—mine are three years old and going strong—and the embroidered rainbow pattern is a cute touch. Two notes: They don't have pockets, in case you need pockets with your favorite sweats; and they run small, so size up (I wear a M, though I'm usually a S)."

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (8)The Warmest Sweatpants

Uniqlo HEATTECH Pile-Lined Sweatpants

If you want heavy-duty thermal bottoms, you turn to Uniqlo and its industry-renowned HEATTECH gear. These roomy sweatpants are lined with the brand's signature heat-trapping material, so rest assured, your legs will be freeze-proof all winter long in this pair. "I have purchased these in just about every color," writes one Uniqlo reviewer, adding that these are the "best pants for Chicago winter," which is quite the cold-weather seal of approval. "They are so warm and comfortable, and unlike other lined pants, they don't leave you sweaty," they add.

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (9)The Coolest Sweatpants

Gergana Ivanova Organic Cotton Joggers

"Sweatpants may not seem like the most luxurious fashion buy, but once you find a good pair, they can be life-changing," says Marie Claire Editorial Fellow, Brooke Knappenberger. "This is that pair for me! These joggers from Gergana Ivanova are next-level comfy—I immediately want to curl up on my couch with a good book when I'm wearing them. I especially love how they have three pockets and are made from recycled fabrics and biodegradable cotton. Plus, the quality feels so top-notch, I don't mind stepping out of my apartment in them, especially when I throw on the matching hoodie and aleather jacket."

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (10)Best Matching Sweat Set

Alo Yoga Muse Rib-Knit Sweatpants

Pretty much everything Alo makes is softer than soft, including these rib-knit joggers. Go forthe matching hoodie, and congratulations—you've found your new favorite work-from-home (and, let's be honest, weekend) outfit. "These are the most comfortable pants I've purchased in a long time," writes a Bloomingdale's customer. "I have the matching top as well. The ribbed fabric is super soft and gives a little more texture, [making the sweat set] nice enough to wear around the house or outside in public."

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (11)Best Eco-Friendly Sweatpants

Noize Reese Long Length Joggers

"Quality, eco-friendly loungewear does not always have to come with a heavy price tag," says . "Noize is known for outerwear that is also vegan and cruelty-free, as well as loungewear pieces that are made of both cotton and recycled polyester. Take, for instance, itsReese Long Length Joggers, which have a midrise and adjustable drawstring waist that leaves room for both comfort and style." Plus, these easy-to-wear joggers are on sale for 40 percent off—add them to your cart STAT before they inevitably sell out.

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (12)Best Winter Sweatpants

Gihuo Women's Sherpa Lined Sweatpants

These sherpa-lined sweatpants will become the hero piece of your winter wardrobe—perhaps even ranking higher than your all-terrain snow boots. Take it from Jenny Hollander, Marie Claire's director of content strategy: "I bought these super-soft sherpa-lined joggers for winter days and nights spent walking the dog, and let me tell you—it's like walking in a cloud. They're thick and heavy, so they're definitely joggers that you'll put away for spring and summer, but come winter, they'll be the only sweats you wear."

The Softest Sweatpants

Quince Mongolian Cashmere Sweatpants

Not even the fanciest person in the world can resist oh-so-soft cashmere sweatpants. These luxe Quince joggers are practically made for curling up and living your best Nancy Meyers life—even if you’re in a studio apartment.They're one of the affordable cashmere brand's best-sellers, too, with almost 1,000 reviews and an average 4.8 reviews to prove it. "These joggers are such an outstanding quality, and they are super comfy," writes a Quince customer. "They’ve quickly become my favorite 'Happy Pants!'"

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (14)Best Fleece Sweatpants

Sweaty Betty Repose Luxe Fleece Joggers

Tanya Benedicto Klich, Marie Claire's resident enthusiast of cozy wares also loves this pair of sweats. "If you want sweatpants that deliver warmth for those wintry power walks or something to layer over yoga pants, turn to Sweaty Betty for its fleece joggers," she says. "This female-founded and led brand focuses on performance and sporty style. These sweatpants are structured like trousers with a high-rise waist and discreet side pockets. Although its navy blue and black options clock in at $118, its plum red is currently on sale for $47."

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (15)Most Affordable

Hanes Men's EcoSmart Sweatpants

"Ok, I know what you're thinking. At just $13, how can these be considered "the best?" I promise you will be pleasantly surprised with this Amazon pick," assures Brooke Knappenberger. "I purchasedthese one winter when I needed another layer to throw on for my daily walk to the gym, and they did not disappoint. They are warm enough to work as a winter layer without being too sweltering, plus they come with pockets and a drawstring waist for easy adjustment. I especially love the Men's option as they are not too form-fitting. If you need a quick, throw-on type of pants, these are not a bad option."

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (16)Best Baggy Sweatpants

Willow Dance High-Waist Cinch Sweatpants With Pockets

"I get lost watching dance choreography videos on YouTube," admitsE-Commerce Editor Julia Marzovilla," and I often notice that dancers practice in baggy sweats and crop tops. While I can't dance to save my life, I can steal their style! I got myself a pair of these baggy sweats on Amazon to hang out in while I watch other people dance." The market editor isn't alone in her love for this pair; These roomy sweatpants boast almost 11,500 reviews with an average rating of four out of five stars. Not too shabby at all.

Meet the Expert

These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (17)

Ramon Martin

Sydney native Ramon Martin is the Chief Design Officer at Universal Standard, where he leads the Product Team specializing in fit, quality, and style for the world's most inclusive size range. Previous to his position at Universal Standard, Martin designed for globally-renowned fashion companies including luxury Italian womenswear brand Alberta Ferretti, French haute couture designer Jean Paul Gaultier, Derek Lam, and the socially responsible luxury brand Maiyet, as Design Director. He applies his breadth of luxury experience at Universal Standard, using a high-touch approach to design elevated essentials for all sizes 00-40.

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These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (18)

Emma Childs

Fashion Features Editor

Emma Childs is the Fashion Features Editor at Marie Claire, who writes trend reports, long-form reported features, and style guides. She previously wrote for TZR, Editorialist, Elite Daily, and Mission Magazine and studied Fashion Studies and New Media at Fordham University. When she's not writing fashion deep-dives, you'll find her stalking eBay for designer vintage and perusing HBO Max (in her heart, it'll always be *HBO* MX).

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These Cozy, Chic Sweatpants Are My WFH Staple—And They're Only $13 (2024)
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